How women can prevent STDs

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STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are a very present reality in the lives of many people.

Studies show that women are much more likely to be infected by a sexually transmitted disease than men. According to Cearense Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the woman can get a sexually transmitted disease more easily by having a sexual organ wetter, the urethra is shorter than that of man, and because over the penis is an organ abroad , women have more difficulty in basic hygiene. It is much easier to identify these diseases in man, because the woman may be more hidden.

STDs are infections that are transmitted from sexual contact, but not the only option for such a disease spread. Various types of infections are involved in infection and disease are often visible from wounds, vaginal discharge, warts and blisters.

What are STDs

There are several diseases that spread by means of sexual contact without proper protection.

It is advisable that you contact a medical center if not in some protected intercourse.


This virus attacks the immune system of the human being, ie your body is defenseless to fight any kind of disease.


These viruses originate some elevations on the skin, or warts that propagate in the vagina, vulva, perineum and the cervix.

Viral Hepatitis

Typically, this type of infection does not present any symptom, however, as this type of disease usually does not usually give any sign, see your doctor regularly.

Venereal Lymphogranuloma

Usually appears with a sore or a wart on organ player, the injury is temporary, but must be properly identified and treated.


Earlier, normally, there is no indication that the person bearing this disease, however, later it develops and the symptoms of painful urination, pain during intercourse, burning and itching in the inner region.

Cancer Mole

The symptoms of this infection are identified by injuries mĂșltipas and quite painful, but it is much more common in males.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Normally there are traces of fever, but this symptom is vaginal odor and staining.


Small bubbles which later become wounds, genital regions. This type of injury is quite painful.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea

Its cause is bacteria. The presence of painful urination, blood outside of menstruation and pain during intercourse.


The symptoms are quite visible as lumps, red sores and bleed easily on.

Virus infection human T-lymphotropic

Most people who contract the disease has no symptoms throughout their lives. But some may develop manifestations of diseases such as cancer, muscular problems, joints, lungs, skin, ocular region, among others.


Initially this disease symptoms in an area with some redness, which then turns into the wound.


How STDs can be spread

  • Sexual activity at an early age
  • Many sexual partners
  • Unprotected sex
  • Needle and syringe
  • Using someone else’s underwear

What’s the way a woman can prevent STDs?

Use a condom, do not have unprotected sex!

Do not be promiscuous relationships, but with a partner who truly knows well!

Go to a query on your annual gynecologist!

Whenever you have unprotected sexual intercourse or suspect any of these conditions, consult your doctor!

Do not share underwear with other people!

Make your hygiene, basic daily!

Do not change syringes and needles!

And you were aware that these STDs could be spread this way?